The Paranoia of Life

May 11, 2010

The darkness reigns
Fire falls
All hell breaks loose
All around the deathly chambers
The stench and reek of death looms above;
Quartered and mangled
The bodies all lay
The skulls in a pile
Homicidal psychopaths
Deeds so dark and dreary
People fear to speak of them
The darkness reigns
Flowing through veins
Fury falls, flowing forever
Preying upon the lives of the innocent
Hearts burn with pent-up anger,
Repressed sorrow and fear
The darkness reigns;
Fear my little child
You must know, you must fear
Life is expendable
No time to waste on tears
Dreams shattered
Sorrow in abundance
Suffering and misery
All around you
The evil and darkness around us
May be hidden
Fear it, believe it
Stand up against it and fight
Evil reigns around you
Tempting tendrils coil
And reach out for you
Claiming one victim after another
The darkness reigns;
Monsters slink in the shadows
Awaiting the night, awaiting
For their prey, for thine lonesome being;
Acts committed so dark and evil
That no one man can comprehend;
Those dark and evil monsters
Feed upon thy flesh;
The darkness reigns.

This poem was featured in the October 2013 issue of Renesa, NIT Surat's bi-monthly newsletter.


  1. karoline said...:

    morbid..but i like it....

  1. Materialmom said...:

    you've conveyed the dismal gloom vividly

  1. Jessen Lopez said...:

    dude ur like some crazy poet..take this up as ur pass time n make a career out of it!!

  1. Ruby said...:

    Awesomely put forward!
    Keep up thy good work! :)