Like Sheep

Mar 29, 2012

Ever since the author was a wee little Ay Jay, he loathed following the crowd, in other words, fads. Anything vaguely interesting to him instantly looses its sheen as soon as everyone's talking about it and doing it. He likes being exclusive. He likes being the sore rash that sticks out. That weirdo next door. No, he doesn't mind not looking like a bunch of sardines in a can, albeit with Mohawks and Porcupines and other animals and birds for hair. This partly explains his obsession with Old School Rock, clunky retro glasses, movies from the nineties and the preceding years. Make no mistake, it's not that he exclusively likes 'em because they aren't popular, it's merely a contributing factor. And it's not that he hates everything modern - another one of his obsessions is technology. Mere words fail to explain a geekgasm. But, alas, as always, I digress. I could dedicate an entire article apiece to his obsession with Tech and Rock. Maybe I should.