The Curse

Dec 11, 2010

Mayst thine nightly slumbers,
Be possessed, dreary, encumbered;
Mayst the accursed flames of Hell,
Despised by all, wretched beyond compel;
Consume thee, thine flesh of despair,
O ye, mayst thou suffer beyond compare.
Burn, quench my bloodlust,
Spill your guts, I thirst,
For thine sinewy agony,
Thine tortured cries, mine undying harmony.

Haiku - 1

Nov 4, 2010
(Hope I got the number of syllables right.)

From air comes forth fire,
Round infinitesimal wicks;
Thine destiny blazes.

Ay Jay: A Study Part 1

Sep 11, 2010
Due to an overdose of pure idiocy and skullduggery which is ever present in the Ay Jay's overloaded mush of a brain, we observe that he is unable to comprehend the very essential things that matter most, such as a career or education. But one must admit, passions ought to be respected. After all, to each is his own man. And a noble sport such as Basketball which Ay Jay honours from the very depths of his throbbing heart ought to be respected even more. From whence this obsession, dare I call it, comes from is unknown. But it is clearly observed that a major portion of both of Ay Jay's conscious and sub-conscious mind have been possessed by Basketball. Many have tried to wrench it out of his complex and yet simple system. But all efforts were in vain. For an obsession such as this is akin to Love, maybe even deeper. For Love is in Ay Jay's opinion a silly way to waste one's time by being completely icky, gooey and mushy. But Basketball on the other hand is true, faithful and undoubtedly constant for one's Love for Ballin' can never diminish, it can only grow stronger. It is not mere passion that fuels this inextinguishable blaze; it is sweat, fury, adrenaline, and the will to win. The agility, speed and effort, the submitting of oneself entirely body, mind and soul is surely justifiable, is it not? And yet, facts remain as facts. In this conservative society, things such as further advancement in one's non-educational quests are unauthorised, looked down, and scoffed at. Even if one wishes to pursue a career in Journalism, or in fine hints such as Literature, one can expect to be denied one's wishes inevitably. For you must only have a career as an Engineer, a Doctor or a C.A. But alas, I digress. Further delving into Ay Jay's brain shows us that although he is capable of doing great things, his laziness tends to overshadow everything else. A remedy for this affliction of his is still under research, although it is found that when it comes to matters concerning Basketball, we observe that his laziness immediately disappears and he is pumped up and psyched. Why this happens is believed to be mainly because he finds everything else counter-productive to his existence. And yet, surprisingly we find that despite his laziness, he does wash himself everyday, which is very ironic because his area of inhabitance has a very accurate resemblance, akin to that of a pigsty.


The Paranoia of Life

May 11, 2010

The darkness reigns
Fire falls
All hell breaks loose
All around the deathly chambers
The stench and reek of death looms above;
Quartered and mangled
The bodies all lay
The skulls in a pile
Homicidal psychopaths
Deeds so dark and dreary
People fear to speak of them
The darkness reigns
Flowing through veins
Fury falls, flowing forever
Preying upon the lives of the innocent
Hearts burn with pent-up anger,
Repressed sorrow and fear
The darkness reigns;
Fear my little child
You must know, you must fear
Life is expendable
No time to waste on tears
Dreams shattered
Sorrow in abundance
Suffering and misery
All around you
The evil and darkness around us
May be hidden
Fear it, believe it
Stand up against it and fight
Evil reigns around you
Tempting tendrils coil
And reach out for you
Claiming one victim after another
The darkness reigns;
Monsters slink in the shadows
Awaiting the night, awaiting
For their prey, for thine lonesome being;
Acts committed so dark and evil
That no one man can comprehend;
Those dark and evil monsters
Feed upon thy flesh;
The darkness reigns.

This poem was featured in the October 2013 issue of Renesa, NIT Surat's bi-monthly newsletter.

The Raging River

Apr 30, 2010
There once flowed rushing rapids, strong, fierce and tameless... But alas, it was hoarded and water now flows as a mere trickle... But the barriers weaken, and the river wishes to flow once again in all its glory.... But can it? Should it? Its flow unlike before may not be the same... It may flow along different meandering paths... It may break and finally flow as feeble streams, back along the barely feeble streams...... It may even pass into nothingness… Only time will tell.


Feb 9, 2010
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