Dec 9, 2014

A passing breeze, a haunting memory
Sand slipping away past your outstretched fingertips
A lucid dream, a forgotten face
Ebbing away like a trickling stream
The last dying embers of a waning fire
A raggedy plaything tossed aside, strewn and unkempt
Drifting thoughts, vague memories, out of focus
A fallen soldier, descending down into the gaping trenches
Leaves floating down to the beckon of Mother Earth the Temptress

Never to rise again from the sanguine graves they lay buried in
  Nothing but a blurred haze remains of what once was
Stepped upon and trampled down into the ground
Lost forevermore, deserted, forgotten and abandoned.

I decided not to give a title to this poem, because I think it is meant to represent whatever comes to your mind when you read it. If you have anything in particular that is brought into mind by these verses, feel free to share what this poem meant to you below.